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Dermatology in Pop Culture

07/25/2017: Our In-House Dermatologist on the Cringeworthy ‘Game of Thrones’ Greyscale Surgery Scene (The Ringer)

08/03/2016: Notes From a Real Dermatologist – Our in-house MD breaks down the eczema on ‘The Night Of’ (The Ringer)

Chicago Sports

04/02/2018: How the White Sox Are Trying to Perfect Tanking (The Ringer)

11/03/2016: The Curious Have Won (The Ringer)

10/07/2016: The Chicago Cubs Are Flexible Beasts (The Ringer)

06/07/2016: An Irresistible Force Rises in Chicago (The Ringer)

03/25/2015: Back To This Future (Grantland)

08/12/2014: Hitting Wins Championships: Why the Chicago Cubs’ Inverted Rebuilding Strategy Is Starting to Look Brilliant (Grantland)

03/17/2014: Apples and Oranges, Bambinos and Billy Goats (Grantland)

National Sports

08/12/2014: A Fan Visits From Afar, and the Royals Come Alive (New York Times)

11/04/2015: Royals’ Remarkable Run Rewards Fans Beyond Belief (

10/31/2014: Pain Demands to Be Felt (Grantland)

10/01/2014: K.C. Masterpiece (Grantland)

10/27/2015: The 15 Biggest Plays in Baseball History (Grantland)

02/14/2014: The Road Not Taken (Grantland)

Television/Radio Appearances

10/07/2015: ESPN’s 30 for 30 Documentary Series: #BringBackSungWoo

10/28/2014: MLB Network prior to Game 6 of the 2014 World Series

03/13/2009: NPR’s This American Life (Episode 376: Wrong Side of History)

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